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Nicki Hayes

Have you had your say on new public consultation re updating law around Wills?

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Even if you're as broke as Eastenders' Taylor clan, you owe it to your family to write a Will, reports Garry Bushell ...

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Garry Bushell

Want to know where NOT to store your Will? You might be surprised ...

Garry Bushell

Garry Bushell cogitates on the best places to die from an inheritance tax point of view and offers some sage advice ...


Garry Bushell on how parents of millenials can legitimately mitigate the effects of inheritance tax on their property and savings and help their struggling adult children now ...

Garry Bushell

THE great magician Paul Daniels is survived by his catchphrase: "You'll like this, not a lot...but you'll like it." He was also survived by an unpleasant family row, which I know he wouldn't have liked one jot...

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An ongoing inheritance tax discussion going on in a recent Money Saving Experts Forum reflects discussions our estate planners daily. Here's their advice ...


7 Little-Known Facts About LPAs We applaud the coverage Lasting Power of Attorneys (LPAs) are receiving during Dementia Awareness Week. We concur that the best time to make one is now, especially given the Dementia Awareness offer

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