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Closing tax loop holes

Last week we put forward the case for scrapping inheritance tax (IHT). This week we share the case for keeping it. What do you think?

Reproduced from The Telegraph
Gary Bushell

THE BBC has reported on the arguments surrounding inheritance tax (IHT) — is it a good thing or a bad thing? Here, Garry Bushell makes the case against the tax, next week we'll consider the case for...

Got a SME? Get a Will & A LPA!
Garry Bushell

Why, if you own or hold a directorship in a small or medium-sized business, it's vital to make a Will and a Business LPA and to tell your fellow owners to do the same...

Nicki Hayes

50 people a week die with no obvious next of kin. If nobody knows they had a Will, their estate goes to the Crown (or sometimes to fraudsters). Here's what to do if you think you're owed money from a Will...

Garry Bushell

Why media reporting of Judge's position on LPAs may put even more vulnerable, elderly people at risk...

Nicki Hayes

Ministry of Justice to refund £28 on all LPAs registered in the four years prior to April 2017...

Nicki Hayes

A range of recent stories relating to carers' roles, undue influence and mental capacity lead us to ask 'Do you care for a loved one? Are you sure their wishes are guaranteed to be met when they die? ' and to offer 3 pieces of advice ...

Nicki Hayes

Have you had your say on new public consultation re updating law around Wills?

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