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It's not often you hear news of a rebate in the world of estate planning but, here at My Estate Planning Expert, we like to spread joy whenever we can. So, here goes ...

According to a report from the Office of Public Guardian, the fee for registering a LPA was reduced from £110 to £82 in April 2017 because the former amount was actually greater than the administrative costs of registering a LPA. In a recent announcement the OPG revealed that the Ministry of Justice has agreed to refund the excess.

Details of how this will happen have yet to be released, but, rest assured, we'll keep you posted so you can claim your refund.

Not got a LPA?

Why not? Have a read of what Moneywise has to say about failure to set one up could be a costly disaster and, if you haven't already, take a perusal of our 7 Little Known Facts about LPAS.

The latter was written for Dementia Awareness Week, yet, with a dementia diagnosis being made every three minutes in the UK with 1 million people forecast to have the condition by 2025, perhaps everyday should be Dementia Awareness Day? If it were everyone would know by now that setting up a LPA is becoming as important as writing a Will.

Talking of which — news is breaking of a brand new Charity Will writing initiative in England and Wales, ActiveWills' Campaign for Charitable Legacies. The folks behind ActiveWills, the leading UK online Will writing app, aim to power 100,000 free Wills that leave a legacy to a UK charity by December 2018. So if you have not written a Will yet — consider making yours one of them.

Here are 10 reasons to so do ...

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