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Why do I need to revisit my estate plan regularly?

Things change. You may both gain and lose assets, health and wealth as time slips by. You may, in the course of time: buy a property; set up a business; get married, divorced or remarried and have children or grandchildren.

Should you do any of these things, you will need to update your will.

Did you know that if you die without a Will and...

  • You are in a committed relationship but not married, the courts will not pass your estate on to your partner?
  • You are the father named on the birth certificates of children born before December 2003 but were not married to their birth mothers at the time, you do not get automatic legal guardianship of your children?
  • You are married, any properties you own may become your husband's or wife's, children you have from previous relationships may not inherit?
  • You are a parent, your children will not automatically pass to your family members?

Whatever life stage you are at, or are approaching, no matter your age, wealth or health, you need to make sure your estate plan will still protect your wishes.

We recommend reviewing it every two years and whenever going through a significant life change.

Did you know?
If you die without a Will and are married, the laws of succession state that the surviving spouse has first entitlement to your estate (up to £400k) and children from a previous relationship may get nothing at all.