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As time goes by, your life situation changes. A Will that serves you when you are single, will no longer protect your best interests when you become part of a committed relationship, get married (divorced or remarried), have children (adopt or gain step-children or step-grandchildren), buy properties or own businesses.

Did you know that if you die without a Will and ...

  • You are in a committed relationship but not married, the courts will not pass your estate on to your partner?
  • You are the father named on the birth certificates of children born before December 2003 but were not married to their birth mothers at the time, you do not get automatic legal guardianship of your children?
  • You are married, any properties you own become your husband's or wife's. Children you may have from previous relationships will not inherit?
  • You are a parent, your children will not automatically pass into the care of your family members?

We recommend reviewing your estate plan every two years and whenever you experience one of these life changes:

Did you know?
If you die without a Will and are in a partnership but not married, your partner will not inherit your estate?