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The Mysterious Case of Ken Barlow's Will ...


TV pundit Garry Bushell investigates the mysterious case of Ken Barlow's Will and reveals what he should have done to ensure his wishes are honoured ...

Ken Barlow's Will had a starring role on last night's Corrie after his adopted daughter Tracy found it in an unsealed envelope in his living room drawer. Toxic Tracy was understandably shocked by the content because Ken had has cut her out of it completely.

Instead he is leaving the lion's share of his estate — his life-savings and his iconic home, Number One Coronation Street — to his two sons, Peter and Daniel, and his dodgy drug-dealing grandson Adam. (We'll leave aside the small point that the writers seem to have forgotten Barlow's eldest son Lawrence).

In the soap, Ken is currently recovering from a vicious attempt on his life, and this latest Will over-turned an earlier one which had been co-written, witnessed and signed by Adam.

Clearly it's for Weatherfield plod to establish whether this change of heart had anything to do with the attack. However we can say for sure that if Ken had been sensible he would have written a Letter Of Intent to go with his Will, explaining his reasons for disinheriting Tracy (small points perhaps like she's a murderer, a blackmailer, and generally a twisted vixen with a hazy connection to the truth).

And he would certainly have entrusted copies of both documents to his Will provider to store rather than leaving them laying about in his drawer for anyone to stumble across.

Proper planning prevents problems like this arising. Even in the alternative reality of Soapland.

PS. Adam, who was a solicitor in Canada, should have known that a beneficiary cannot witness a Will. The Will he witnessed would still be valid but he could not have benefited from it.

PPS. How much money can Ken possibly have tucked away? He was a teacher who became a jobbing journalist. Granted at one stage he owned a local paper but that was short-lived and many years ago. He's retired now but his last known job was cleaning up in Roy Cropper's caff.

If Kenneth has managed to squirrel away a few quid it will more to do with his tightness than any shrewd investments. Watch him in the Rovers. When he's buying Ken orders half a bitter. If anyone else is getting them in, he always has a pint...

Garry Bushell, April 6th, 2017


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